Wilton Branch Updates

As we begin to rebuild our Wilton Branch, we look forward to keeping our customers and our community updated throughout the process. Please continue to visit this page for future updates below.

The Adirondack Trust Company announced today that it has finalized the design for their Wilton Branch located at 650 Maple Avenue. The Wilton Branch had burned down in March 2017 and is currently being redesigned by architectural firm, Phinney Design Group.The new branch is designed with the future of banking in mind, and will feature many new enhancements designed to make the branch even more customer friendly. It will also feature an inviting, customer friendly service area and layout, safe deposit boxes, and three drive-thru lanes, which will include a drive-up ATM. Charles V. Wait, Jr., Executive Vice President of the Adirondack Trust Company said, “We are excited to begin the process of rebuilding our Wilton Branch which tragically burned down earlier this year. We are working diligently to ensure that our customers are taken care of and that we design the branch to be as customer friendly as possible. This design complements our recent launch of our new logo and website, and it reflects the continual evolution of our brand.”

The firm has designed the building itself to be rotated from the original footprint to engage both Maple Avenue and Northern Pines Road. “A reimaging of the existing parking lot improves safety and drivability, increases green space, and adds parking spots, allowing the location to host more customers at a time than before” said Michael Phinney, Principal Architect of Phinney Design Group. “The Adirondack Trust Company aims to support our region not only with financial services, but by actively engaging sustainable design. Phinney Design Group couldn’t be happier to help them achieve this aspiration.  With this newly redesigned branch, we hope to set a precedent for design that reflects the Adirondack Trust Company’s mission and image for an ever-growing and bright future.”

The Adirondack Trust Company plans to begin construction on the branch in Spring 2018 and it is expected to be completed this fall.

InteriorsDecember 14, 2018

The exterior of the branch is more-or-less completed now, so now we are working around the clock to make sure that every detail is perfect. The interior is coming along well, and we’re excited to make a big reveal very soon!

Further Site ImprovementsSeptember 28, 2018

We’ve added some new photos to our slider gallery above, and also have switched the order so you see the newest images first.

Some really exciting developments have happened over the past week or so! Among them–shown in the photos–is mostly a lot of site improvements. Additionally, we’ve worked on the parking-lot curbing; the exterior walls have been framed in; and we’ve also begun the foundation and construction of the drive-thru lanes.

Construction Well Under WaySeptember 9, 2018

The Wilton Branch has recently seen quite a lot of construction that’s visible from the road. So far, we have the foundation poured, beams erected, a roof in place, and the new safe has been installed. We are looking forward to the coming weeks when the building will really begin to take shape!

Preparing for FoundationJuly 12, 2018

While it might not look like much has happened at the Wilton site, we are working on this project each and every day. We have just wrapped up a majority of the underground conduit and wiring work, and are now getting ready to place all of the appropriate elements above the compacted soil for our radiant heating system.

Once this is complete, we will pour the concrete slab. Once the concrete slab is ready, we will begin construction of the shell. When we begin the shell, the project will begin to move along nicely. We are still targeting a fall 2018 opening.