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Coming Soon the New and Improved WebWise

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Introducing our enhanced banking app that helps your dollars make sense

We’re proud to present an entirely upgraded mobile banking experience with the new and improved WebWise Online & Mobile Banking. Exciting dynamic features make money management more accessible than ever.

Current WebWise users can download the app and start using it today!

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Product Features

  • Powerful, personalized budgeting tools
  • Pay bills and deposit checks with just a tap
  • Set financial goals—and receive the feedback to achieve them
  • Link online accounts from many institutions for a holistic snapshot
  • Track your assets, liabilities, debt, and net worth

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* Use of WebWise Online & Mobile Banking requires an Adirondack Trust Company checking or savings account.

WebWise FAQs

What will happen to the current WebWise app and website?

When we transition to the new and improved WebWise Online & Mobile Banking, the current app and website will be disabled. If you attempt to visit the site or the app, you will be redirected to information on how to access the upgraded version. In future communication, we will give you specific instructions on how to login and update your settings the first time you access the new WebWise.

Can I use an ATM and my debit card during the WebWise Upgrade?

Yes, your ATM and debit card access will not be affected.

How will I get access to the new and improved WebWise Online & Mobile Banking?

Once the upgrade occurs, the “old” app and website will be disabled. You will be prompted to download our new app in either the Apple Store or the Google Play Store. If you use our desktop version, the login links on our website will be updated. If you are a current WebWise user, you will receive temporary credentials to login to the new system. We will send out more information about your temporary credentials closer to our launch—please watch your mail for this communication. Once in the new WebWise, you’ll need to change your password and update your preferences.

What about all the information that is in WebWise now? Will I need to reconnect my accounts, payees, etc.?

Our goal is to make this upgrade as easy and seamless as possible. Your ATC accounts currently in WebWise will rollover with the new app. Additionally, if you are enrolled in our eBill Pay service, your payees and information will continue to be connected. However, once you are inside the new system, please explore the platform to make sure that your information has correctly transferred. If you have questions, we’ll be ready to help you troubleshoot by calling (518) 584-5844.

Will my account number(s) change?

No, your account numbers remain the same.

What happened to the categories and descriptions I set up for my transactions?

Your categories and descriptions are not available in the new account history; however, you can access them by going to Additional Services > Categories. Please note that the categories feature is only available for your existing accounts. If you open a new account, you can set up categories in Money Management.

Why am I missing an account(s) that I could see in WebWise before the upgrade?

Please send a web message to let us know which account(s) you are missing. We will enable the account for online access if you are an account owner or signer.

Can I hide or remove accounts from my account list?

Yes. To hide accounts that you do not need to view regularly, navigate to My Settings > Nickname or Hide Your Accounts. Tap or click on the “eye” symbol to hide an account.

Can I change the order in which my accounts display in WebWise Banking?

Yes. To change the order in which accounts display, navigate to My Settings > Nickname or Hide Your Accounts. Tap or click the “slide” symbol to the left of the account and drag the account to where you would like it positioned in the list.

What is “Share Access with Others”?

“Share Account Access” is a tool you can use to set up a WebWise login to your account(s) for another person, such as a family member or your accountant. To set up a shared access user, you will need the person’s name, email address, and phone number. You can pick the accounts to which the user has access for view only or transfers. Access is limited to viewing accounts, account transfers, and eStatements.

When I click on “Request a Wire Transfer,” why does the site say I do not have access to this functionality?

If you make frequent wire transfers, please go to Support>Web Messages > New Messages to request access to wire transfers. Wire transfer access will allow you to set up wire templates for wire transfers you make on a frequent basis. A bank representative will call you to verify all wire requests before they are processed. If you need to make a one-time wire transfer, please go to Support > Web Messages > New Message, then send a message containing your wire instructions.

How is the new and improved WebWise “new” and “improved”?

We can’t wait for you to try the new WebWise! It’s more dynamic and intuitive than ever before, with the ability to tell you a lot about your money and how you use it. As with the current app, you will have access to all your ATC accounts. Our eBill Pay features will remain the same.

All of the new features focus on a great experience for you. Never be confused by multiple accounts by giving them optional nicknames. You can also reorder your account list view and even hide account views.

If you use account transfer services, you’ll be happy to find that you won’t have to set those connections again. Further, if your accounts are not currently set to accept transfers, you’ll be able to set that up on your own.

Even our Remote Check Deposit will have some new features. Enjoy the Auto Capture feature that takes the perfect check scan, so you won’t have to wonder if the right information is in focus. Access your remote deposit history, check images, and more!

Moreover, you can easily modify your alerts and notifications for any of your accounts, creating rules such as texting or emailing when there’s a large deposit or a low balance. Plus, by activating your mobile number, you can initiate transfers via text message and see important information like your last five transactions or your primary balance.

Perhaps most notably, though, is our new partnership with MX, the leader in fintech for personal money management. Read on to learn more.

What is Money Management (MX)?

We know you’ll enjoy the new WebWise interface, but we absolutely cannot wait for you to take advantage of our robust Money Management tool by MX. This service is free and optional.

To access this portion of WebWise, on the desktop version, click the “Money Management (MX)” tab. On your mobile device, tap “More” and then “Money Management.”

Money Management is an intuitive and highly personalized tool to help you view incomes, transactions, debts, investments, and more—it’s a complete snapshot of your individual financial wellness that also gives you the resources to empower your financial success. You can easily filter account views, categorize transactions, and connect a variety of external accounts (from your current ATC accounts to other credit cards, student loans, mortgages, investments, etc.).

Ever had trouble creating a budget or sticking to one? Money Management can help there, too. Its budgeting tool aggregates your transactions and creates a sample budget that can easily be modified to fit your individual needs and goals. Create sub-budgets—for example, create a “Gas” budget under your larger “Transportation” budget. Or, use a special “Coffee Shop” budget under your “Food & Dining” budget to help pace yourself with your morning (and sometimes afternoon) lattes—because this tool also helps you remain accountable! Easily set up email or text message notifications for a variety of account events, including if you’re projected to exceed a budget you’ve set—or if you’ve already exceeded it.

If you also could use a bit of direction or motivation with your debts, you’re not alone. According to Experian, the debt an average American carries with them was $96,371 in 2021. Money Management’s Debts feature uses your various debt balances, fees, and minimum payments to help you devise a debt-reduction plan and a tangible date by which you can be debt-free.

Examine all of this data and more, over time, to see your own financial trends, create accurate cash-flow projections, and create achievable goals.

With Money Management, the power is in your hands. Learn more about Money Management.

How do I connect my account to Quicken or QuickBooks?

The new WebWise will now offer Direct Connect for Quicken and QuickBooks. To setup your Direct Connect, navigate to Additional Services > Connectivity for Quicken® and QuickBooks. You will then enter your Direct Connect password in to your Quicken or QuickBooks program.

If I prefer not to use Direct Connect, can I import transactions to Quicken and QuickBooks by downloading my account history?

Yes, you can download your account history and import the transaction file to Quicken or QuickBooks.

What should I do if I’ve forgotten my current login credentials?

Don’t wait—call us now to help you gain access to your WebWise account before we transition! Our number is (518) 584-5844.

I’m not currently a WebWise user, but I’d like to be.

Awesome! Reach out to us at (518) 584-5844 or Now is a great time to start leveraging these awesome tools.