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Scorecard Rewards makes your holiday bright

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Register for Scorecard Rewards today to claim your 500 bonus points!

The more you use your Adirondack Trust Visa® Debit Card*, the more points you earn toward the things you really want. Have you registered for Scorecard Rewards?

Get started by logging on to to check your balance or redeem points!



Product Features

  • Adirondack Trust Visa® Debit Card holders are automatically enrolled
  • Earn 1 rewards point for every $3 spent with your Adirondack Trust Visa® Debit Card
  • Redeem points for thousands of items and experiences, such as fuel discounts, gift cards, games, stocks, charitable donations, and more

With Scorecard Rewards, earn rewards points for every dollar spent with your Adirondack Trust Visa® Debit Card—all you have to do is use your card for regular, everyday purchases.

Adirondack Trust Scorecard Rewards FAQs

What is ATC Visa® Debit Card Scorecard Rewards?

ATC Visa® Debit Card Scorecard Rewards is a rewards program for personal Visa® Debit Card users, offering points for qualifying purchases. Businesses and non-personal accounts are ineligible for Scorecard Rewards. Points can be redeemed for a variety of items, such as merchandise, airfare, hotels, travel packages, and more (each, an “award”).

How do I log in to the ATC Visa® Debit Card Scorecard Rewards website?

On your first visit to the site, you will need to set up your profile with a username and password. You will also be asked to set up some security questions and answers for password retrieval. Once you create your profile, you will log in with your username and password. You may browse the rewards site by clicking on the “Browse Catalog” link from the log in page. Point balance and redemption capabilities are not available in the browse feature of the site.

How do I know how many points I have?

Point balances are always available on, or you may call Award Headquarters at (800) 854-0790 to verify your balance. Use your 16-digit debit-card number to register on your first visit.

How do I earn points?

Simply use your ATC Visa® Debit Card for your purchases. You will earn points based on your qualifying net purchases (purchases minus returns and/or other related credits). You will earn points as long as your account is in good standing.** You do not earn points for cash advances, balance transfers, unauthorized or fraudulent charges, or for fees of any kind on your card account. Credits to your account (such as for returns of purchases) will reduce the points available in your account.

If I don’t have enough points for the award I want, can I buy the extra points I need?

No. A sufficient number of points must be available in your account to redeem the award you want. Points are not available for purchase.

When can I order awards?

You may order awards anytime during the program, as long as your account is in good standing* and you have enough points to redeem the requested award.

How do I order awards?

For merchandise awards you can order merchandise awards using the online shopping feature at You can also call customer service at (800) 854-0790. You may also print an order form from Simply complete the form, including all information requested, and mail to the address printed on the form. Travel awards, airline tickets, vacation packages, and cruises may be ordered by calling and speaking with a Travel Services Representative. You may also use the online travel booking site to obtain select air awards. In addition, you may purchase additional airline tickets and make car and hotel reservations online. If you prefer, Travel Services Representatives can assist with booking both purchased as well as redeemed awards travel items.

Whom should I contact if I have questions regarding redeeming points under the ATC Visa® Debit Card Scorecard Rewards Program?

Call Award Headquarters at (800) 854-0790.

* Adirondack Trust Visa® Debit Scorecard Rewards is available to personal account holders only. Business and non-personal accounts are not eligible for Adirondack Trust Visa® Scorecard Rewards.
** That is, not delinquent, in default, closed, canceled, blocked, suspended, or otherwise inactive and not available for use as a source of funding.

Merchandise Awards Q&A

If I order more than one item, will they be shipped together?

We cannot guarantee that items will be shipped together. You may receive several shipments to complete your order.

What if the item I order is not available?

Sometimes ordered items are on backorder with the manufacturer. If the backorder is for a short period, such as for no more than a couple of weeks, we will notify you of your backorder status and ship the item once it is again available to us. If the backorder status is going to be longer, we may contact you to allow you to select an alternate award or you may elect to cancel your order and have the points added back to your rewards account.

For merchandise redemptions, how long after I place my order should I expect to receive the ordered items?

Generally, merchandise awards will be shipped from Award Headquarters via a parcel delivery service or by the U.S. Postal Service and should arrive no more than 4–6 weeks after your order is received. Some items may be shipped directly from the manufacturer. You will be notified if there is a delay in filling your order. Please note that shipments cannot be made to a post office box or outside the United States and eligible territories. If you have an APO address, please contact Scorecard Award Headquarters for details regarding merchandise options and shipments before ordering.

What happens if my merchandise award arrives damaged?

Please check your packages closely for any apparent damage before signing to accept a package. If there is damage, please write a note on the delivery receipt before signing to accept the package. If after you open the package and you find the merchandise is damaged, please follow the directions on the packing slip included with your shipment and notify Award Headquarters. You will be given instructions and a return authorization number to return the merchandise for replacement. Merchandise that is received damaged or defective may be returned within 30 days of receipt for replacement. Please refer to your Terms, Conditions, and Program Rules for additional requirements.

Will I be able to use any applicable manufacturer warranties for my redemption(s)?

Most merchandise is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. Please retain your packing slip as proof of purchase. For extended warranties or product specific inquiries or repair, you may call the manufacturer directly.

Where can I get a complete list of available merchandise awards?

The ATC Visa® Debit Card Scorecard Rewards Program has a complete list at

ATC Visa® Debit Card Scorecard Rewards Dynamic Travel Program FAQs

When are Travel Services agents available?

Travel Services agents are available Monday through Sunday 8 a.m.–12 p.m. EST to book your travel arrangements.

Can I book my travel online?

Yes, your travel can be booked online. You can book online at In addition, you can purchase airline tickets and hotel/car reservations.

How many points are required for a ticket?

The actual number of points required will be based on your travel dates, origin and destination cities, airline, availability, and how far in advance you are making your reservations. The good news is you are in control and the choice is yours!

Can I still redeem if I do not have enough points for a ticket?

Yes! We want to make sure your next trip is within reach, which is why we’ve added the flexibility of allowing you to redeem the points you do have and pay the difference via your Adirondack Trust Visa® Debit card.

Are there any origin or destination restrictions?

This new program allows you to fly from virtually anywhere to virtually anywhere in the world!

How far in advance do I need to make my travel reservations?

You can now make reservations as close as one day prior to your actual departure date. We recommend you plan your travel at least 14 to 21 days in advance for the best availability; however, you are no longer limited to a 30-day advance requirement.

I want to save my points for an airline ticket. How will I know the number of points I need to save?

The actual Points required for your travel is dependent upon the specific itinerary you select. You can check point requirements via the online redemption site.

Note: Points required for travel may change and are not final until travel is redeemed.

Can I change or return my airline ticket if my plans change after the ticket is issued?

Changes and cancellations can be made only if the supplier and specific air ticket rules permit the modifications. A $40 per-ticket service fee will be charged by the travel supplier for all exchanges, modifications, or cancellations, in addition to any applicable airline penalties and/or fare difference.

Can I book a cruise online?

Yes you can. If you are planning to book a flight or another component to go along with your cruise, you must book the cruise as a separate order from any other travel component you wish to redeem for on the catalog.

How do I change or cancel my car, hotel, activity or cruise booking?

You must contact the Travel Rewards Center for all modification and cancellation requests as the policies are different for each travel award.

Can I purchase airline tickets or other travel items from Travel Services without using my points?

Yes. Travel Services can assist in booking your purchase travel needs and you can also purchase online.

What are the fees for each award?

The booking fees are included in the total number of points required for the travel redemption so you can use your points and you don’t have to pay the booking fees out of pocket. Please note the point requirement differs between online and travel-agent–assisted booking due to a higher fee charged for the agent assistance.

What is the order process for a hotel or car travel award certificate?

In addition to booking online, you can also order certificates to be used to cover a portion or the cost for hotel reservations and car bookings. Prior to redeeming points for a hotel or car travel award certificate, please contact the hotel or car rental location you plan to visit to confirm they will accept the certificate with the discount offered in the certificate. Once confirmed, you can submit your order online or through an Award Headquarters representative by calling 800-854-0790. Certificates are usually shipped within 4–6 weeks of processing your order. Upon receipt of your certificate, make your advance reservation by calling the number listed on the certificate and inform the reservation agent of the certificate. ADVANCE RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED IN ORDER TO USE YOUR CERTIFICATE. At time of check in, present your certificate with your method of payment for any additional fees.

Adirondack Trust Visa® Debit Card Scorecard Bonus Point Program Rules

  1. As provided in these Adirondack Trust Visa® Debit Card Scorecard® Bonus Point Program Rules (“Rules”), account holders (“You” or “Your”) earn one (1) Bonus Point (“Point(s)”) in the Adirondack Trust Visa® Debit Card Scorecard Program (“Program”) for every $3 dollars of a qualifying Signature debit card purchase. A qualifying purchase (“Qualifying Transaction”) shall mean:
    1. a transaction that is charged to an eligible debit card account covered by the Program (“Account”), and
    2. a transaction that appears on Your statement during the Program period. Points are deducted for returns. No Points are earned for finance charges, fees, cash advances, convenience checks, ATM withdrawals, foreign transaction currency conversion charges or insurance charges posted to Your Account. Contact ATC (“Sponsor”) for full details on the Program period dates during which You are eligible to earn Points.
  2. Points can be used to order only the merchandise/travel awards (“Award(s)”) available in the current Program. You may select Awards from any level, as long as You have a sufficient number of Points available in Your Account as of the date of Your most recent earnings statement. Point requirements assigned to any Award are subject to change from time to time without notice, and Awards may be substituted at any time. Should an Award be discontinued, it will be replaced with an Award of equal or greater value or, if no suitable substitute is available, You will be advised to make an alternative selection or Your Points may be returned to Your Account.
  3. Your merchandise Award will usually be delivered by a commercial delivery service or the U.S. Postal Service within 4–6 weeks of processing Your order. Shipments cannot be made to a post office box. If You have an APO, U.S. eligible territory or international address, please contact Scorecard Award Headquarters for details regarding merchandise options and shipments before ordering.
  4. Note any damages or shortages on the delivery receipt before signing to accept delivery from the carrier. A merchandise Award received damaged or defective may be returned to the shipper for replacement within thirty (30) days of delivery. All parts, instructions, warranty cards and original packaging materials must be returned with the merchandise Award.
  6. Points have no cash value. Points cannot be exchanged for cash or credit; used with any other offer, promotion or discount; combined with cash to obtain any Awards; or, earned from or transferred to any other credit and/or debit card, account or rewards program, unless otherwise specified.
  7. Your Adirondack Trust Visa® Debit Card Scorecard earnings statement will normally include the number of Points earned, subject to adjustment as provided for in these Rules. In the event You redeem unearned Points, Your Account may be charged for the actual cash difference between the cost of the Award redeemed and the net value of the actual Points available.
  8. Your Account must be open and in good standing (i.e., not cancelled, terminated by either party or otherwise not available for Your use as a payment method) at the time Your order is received for processing. Sponsor reserves the right to suspend Your participation in the Program until the Account is in good standing.
  9. Despite the Program’s best efforts to ensure accuracy, printing and website errors may occasionally occur. Adirondack Trust reserves the right to correct such errors at any time.
  10. The Program may be modified, suspended, or cancelled, and the redemption value of already accumulated Points may be changed, at any time, without notice, and without restriction or penalty. Changes to the Program may include, but are not limited to, modifications that affect Point accrual and/or expire Points based on the Point term, age, and expiration date of the selected options(s). Award orders must be received on or before the Program end and/or Point expiration date. Contact Adirondack Trust for details on any current promotions affecting Point accrual or redemption options. Points may be forfeited due to Rules violations. This Program is void where prohibited or restricted by law. You are responsible for any applicable federal, state or local taxes.
  11. You agree to hold Adirondack Trust and its affiliates, any Association and any vendors or other providers associated with the Program harmless if Adirondack Trust fails to meet its contractual or other obligations, resulting in Program interruption or termination prior to Your redeeming Your Points or receiving Your Awards. You also agree to hold Adirondack Trust and its affiliates, Sponsor and Association harmless if a Program vendor or provider files for bankruptcy, or otherwise goes out of business after You have redeemed Your Points for an Award from the vendor or provider but before You receive or use the Award.
  12. Certain restrictions may apply to travel certificates, tickets, and documents. Travel and other certificates are not exchangeable, refundable, transferrable, or redeemable for cash. All travel certificates, tickets, and documents will be mailed first class U.S. Mail, and will not be replaced in the event of loss, destruction, or theft. Your Award will usually be delivered within 4–6 weeks of processing Your order is not guaranteed. You may request travel certificates, tickets, and documents to be delivered by overnight carrier and agree to pay any associated additional delivery fees before shipment. You are responsible for any airline security fees and any surcharges or additional fees that may be imposed by the airlines or aviation authority, and You must pay them by permissible credit and/or debit card at the time of the reservation booking. See the Program website for specific travel Award terms and conditions.
  13. These Rules are subject to change at any time without notice. The most current version of these Rules is available on the Program website. Adirondack Trust may choose to add additional local rules and opportunities. Please ask Adirondack Trust to see if such local rules are applicable to Your participation in the Program.
  14. Adirondack Trust shall resolve all questions of what constitutes a Qualifying Transaction. All such resolutions or determinations by Adirondack Trust are final. The use of Your Account following receipt of these Rules will indicate Your agreement to these Rules.
  15. If the Rewards Customer elects to link their Adirondack Trust Visa® Debit Card and Driver Rewards account, the accounts will be linked for future Reward Transactions, and that Rewards Customer will not have the option to opt-out of combining his/her points balance at the time of each corresponding Reward Transaction.

ScoreMore Program Rules

  1. Unless otherwise indicated, all Adirondack Trust Visa® Debit Card Scorecard Bonus Point Program Rules apply.
  2. You may earn additional Points for eligible purchases (“Qualifying ScoreMore Transactions”) made at participating retailers in Adirondack Trust Visa® Debit Card Scorecard’s ScoreMore program (“Retailers”).
  3. A Qualifying ScoreMore Transaction shall mean:
    1. A purchase transaction made with Your Account
    2. A transaction that takes place at eligible, participating Retailer locations (“In-store Purchases”) or through eligible links to participating Retailer websites accessed via the ScoreMore link on (“Online Purchases”)
    3. A transaction that meets Retailer qualifications as disclosed in the Retailer Offer (“Retailer Offer(s)”) on the ScoreMore webpages. PIN purchases do not qualify for ScoreMore Point earnings. Only signature transactions qualify for ScoreMore Point earnings when made with Your participating Account.
  4. ScoreMore Points for qualifying in-store Purchases are typically awarded within 7 days of transaction posting; Points for Online Purchases are typically awarded within 30 days of transaction posting. Awarding of Points for some Retailer Offers may require additional processing time. Points for Travel Retailer Offers are awarded when travel is completed.
  5. Retailers and Retailer Offers are subject to cancellation, removal, or change at any time, without notice, even if such a change impacts Your ability to qualify for Point earnings. Awarding of Points for Qualifying ScoreMore Transactions is subject to the continuing participation of Retailers, and is subject to change at any time, without notice to You.
  6. You may access details of Retailer Offers on the ScoreMore link via
  7. Online purchases may be considered eligible for Point earnings only when the Retailer site is accessed via the link displayed on ScoreMore, accessed through Online purchases made by directly navigating to the Retailer site are not considered Qualifying ScoreMore Transactions and do not qualify for ScoreMore Point earnings.
  8. Taxes, fees, and shipping/handling charges may not be considered part of a Qualifying ScoreMore Transaction and, therefore, may not earn Points.
  9. No other offers, coupons or discount codes, other than those offered by ScoreMore, may be used in conjunction with a Qualified ScoreMore Transaction.
  10. Once awarded, ScoreMore Points are automatically added to Your Adirondack Trust Visa® Debit Card Scorecard Points balance and subject to the Adirondack Trust Visa® Debit Card Scorecard Bonus Point Program Rules and redemption options as outlined on
  11. Returns are subject to the return policy of the Retailer from which You made Your purchase. If you return or cancel an item, Points are also reversed from that sale. To ensure continued eligibility for Point earnings, return Your purchase with the Retailer and then make a new Qualifying Transaction through the ScoreMore network.
  12. Exchanges also make purchases ineligible for Points, as when merchandise is exchanged, the merchant cancels the order and replaces it with a new one. To ensure continued eligibility for Point earnings, return Your purchase with the Retailer and then make a new Qualifying Transaction through the ScoreMore network.
  13. Please contact Award Headquarters if You do not receive Your Points for a Qualifying ScoreMore Transaction within 30 days. Any ability to claim non-receipt of Points for a Qualifying ScoreMore Transaction is considered waived by You if not received by Award Headquarters within 90 days.