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WebWise Money Management (MX)

Money Management (MX) is an innovative suite of financial tools that come as a standard feature of the new and improved WebWise Online & Mobile Banking, coming early 2023.

Money Management (MX) features across apps

WebWise's Money Management suite is responsive, and works on your desktop browser, your mobile phone app, and your tablet. It's powerful financial information at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere.

Account overviews

Money Management Desktop     

With the new and improved WebWise, you have the ability to connect many different digital accounts for one holistic financial snapshot. Add ATC (and non-ATC!) checking accounts, savings accounts, cash accounts, investments, loans, credit cards, and more. Nickname, reorder, and filter your accounts to see what you want when you want.

View and categorize transactions


It's easier than ever to view and organize your transactions, even across accounts. Add custom names and change transaction categories for more accurate record-keeping.

Visual representations of spending


Money Management's Spending tool is helpful for an at-a-glance view of spending and income. A simple pie chart breaks transactions into major spending categories—are you surprised by the amount you've spent on Food & Dining so far this month? Tap or click on each pie piece for further details, from the subcategory to individual transactions. Each tap or click brings you deeper into your personal transaction data.

Budget like a pro


Does the thought of building a budget and sticking to one cause some anxiety? You're not alone. With Money Management's Budget tool, WebWise will use your connected spending and income data to create a custom budget to help you live within your means. Plus, like with all the other Money Management features, the Budget tool is highly intuitive and easy to modify.


Just like with traffic signals, green means go, yellow means caution, and red means stop.

With the Budgets tool, if you're in the yellow or the red, you might want to see where your plans went sideways. Simply click or tap on the budget "bubble" of interest to drill down into transaction details. Sometimes you may find a transaction miscategorized, and sometimes you might receive the feedback you need to make the changes necessary to stick within your budget next time.

Look at spending and income trends


Curious what your spending and your income look like over time? In relation to each other? The Trends tool creates an interactive graph to show you quickly how much you're spending in your budget categories over adjustable timeframes. Dive in as deep as you'd like to home in on individual transactions that comprise the graph.

If you're more of a numbers person, you'll like the transaction trends by category view. Here, you can see exact dollar breakdowns for your categories by month.

Face debt head-on


Financial wellness is for everyone. Having debt can be scary and stressful, and you're not alone. One of the best first steps in destroying debt is having a clear picture of what your individual debt looks like. Since the new and improved WebWise Online & Mobile Banking encourages you to connect all of your financial accounts, the Debts tool aggregates the information you provide from your credit cards, mortgage, student loans, and other debts to give you a comprehensive debt dashboard.

By using information like minimum payments, interest rates, and balances, the Debts tool automatically creates a plan for you to start reducing your debt immediately. It'll even give you encouraging information like a projected payoff date and the amount of money you could potentially save by following the tool's plan.

Your net worth hub


Ever wonder what your net worth looks like? Money Management's Net Worth tool uses the information from your connected accounts to create an itemized list of your assets and liabilities, and to create a dynamic net worth visual you can track over time.

Budget better with cash flow projections


If you've ever had a difficult time nailing due dates and aligning bills with payday, Money Management's Cash Flow tool will be a powerful one for your financial arsenal. When your accounts are connected via WebWise Online & Mobile Banking, the Cash Flow tool is able to look at your historical income and transactional data to help you project your future income and recurring expenses.