The Adirondack Trust Company makes donation to Jake’s Help from Heaven

The Adirondack Trust Company announced today that they have donated $1,750 to Jake’s Help from Heaven as part of their annual ATC Credit Card Donation. Once a year, The Adirondack Trust Company donates a percentage of the interest earned on credit card balances to a local 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization. The organization is selected as part of an ATC customer survey that is sent out annually and selected by ATC credit card customers.

ATC’s Executive Vice President Charles V. Wait, Jr. noted, “Each year for the past 20 years we have made a contribution to a local nonprofit organization through our Saratoga credit card donation program. This year, we are very proud to donate to Jake’s Help from Heaven, which truly makes an impact in our community by assisting children and their families who are affected by debilitating illnesses.”

Jake’s Help from Heaven is a nonprofit that provides grants and other financial assistance to medically fragile special-needs individuals and their families to offset costs of necessary or convenient equipment, transportation to and from treatment centers, temporary lodging near the place of treatment, patient and family member counseling and other similar costs. Co-Founders, Heather and Brian Straughter, acknowledged the donation and said “We were so thrilled to be the recipients of the ATC Saratoga credit-card giving back program! It was such a nice surprise and is especially nice to be recognized by our community for the work we do. Additionally, we are always supported by the Adirondack Trust Company and appreciate all they do for our community.”

Pictured: (Left to right)
Charles V. Wait, Jr., ATC, Executive Vice-President
Heather Straughter, Jake’s Help from Heaven, Co-Founder
Ethan Straughter, Jake’s Older Brother
Brian Straughter, Jake’s Help from Heaven, Co-Founder
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