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Options e-Newsletter

Options e-Newsletter

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Below you will find past issues of “Options” our Trust e-Newsletter. This quarterly newsletter covers a wide range of financial topics ranging from estate and trust planning to investments and taxes. Or maybe you would like to know more about asset allocation or rebalancing your portfolio. These are some of the topics that are covered in our Options e-Newsletter.

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Options - Winter 2012

Articles Include:

  • Revisit Your Portfolio in the New Year
  • Gift Tax Filing Facts
  • Choose a Trustee With Care
  • Make Selling a Rational Decision
  • Valuing Artwork
  • Controlling Risk
  • A Plan for Leaving Wealth


Options - Fall 2011

Articles Include:

  • Actively Managed EFT's - Something to Consider?
  • Weighing the Risks
  • Treating Life Insurance as an Investment
  • Take Control of Your Tax Bill
  • Leaving Assets in a Beneficiary-controlled Trust
  • Vetting a Retirement Community
  • Protecting the Intent of a Charitable Gift


Options - Summer 2011

Articles Include:

  • Risk and Rewards of Emerging Markets
  • Fear and the VIX
  • Your IRA: What Doesn't Belong
  • Employer Stock and the NUA Strategy
  • Retirement and Charitable Giving
  • PerPETual Care
  • Growing Into Wealth


Options - Spring 2011

Articles Include:

  • Is Your Estate Plan Current?
  • Margin Accounts - Worth Their Risk?
  • Tax Rates Remain Favorable for Investors
  • Tax Relief Gets a Longer Life
  • Vetting a Stock
  • A Retirement Dilemma
  • A New Look at REIT's


Options - Winter 2011

Articles Include:

  • A Closer Look at Your Risk Tolerance
  • A Cautious Approach
  • Margin Accounts - Worth Their Risk?
  • Donating Property? You May Need an Appraisal
  • Diversification and - Taxes?
  • New Rules for Reporting Basis
  • Gifting Property with a QPRT
pdf Options - Fall 2010
Articles include:
  • Don't Overlook the Need for Liquidity
  • Leaving with Company Stock
  • Serving as Executor
  • Philanthropy - A Plan for Transferring Wealth
  • Tax Planning Strategies for Year's End
  • Park It in the Money Market
  • Setting Sail for Global Markets
Options - Summer 2010
Articles include:
  • Goals for the Soon-to-Retire Crowd
  • Take care with Roth Conversions
  • Keeping Peace - and Your Property - in the Family
  • The Mutual Fund Dilemma
  • Preserve Your Lad with a Conservation Easement
  • Health Care Reform and Higher Taxes
  • Income Investing - Navigating the Territory

Options - Spring 2010
Articles Include:
  • Investment Strategies: Recognizing Their Limitations
  • Retirement Withdrawals - Planning Helps
  • Passing On Assets - Make No Mistakes
  • Mutual Funds and ETFs: The Same Rules Apply
  • Outside the Trading Window
  • Refusing and Inheritance

Options - Winter 2010

Articles include:
  • Review Your Portfolio with Goals in Mind
  • Ladder Your Risks
  • Consider Your Exit Strategy
  • Electing Alternate Valuation for an Estate
  • Consider a Gift of Life Insurance
  • Taxes Are Real on Phantom Income
Options - Fall 2009

Articles Include:
  • Best-case Scenario: Nothing in Common
  • A New 529 Strategy?
  • Review Your Portfolio with Taxes in Mind
  • Investing in Bonds in Today's Economic Climate
  • Teach Your Children Wealth
  • Gift-tax Returns: The Rules
  • Give While You Live

Options - Summer 2009

Articles include:
  • Your Investments - Seize the Day
  • Who's the Boss
  • Refinancing - An Option To Consider?
  • Help Out Your Loved Ones
  • Emerging Markets - Balancing Risk and Reward
  • Market Cap Matters
  • Is It Time To Revisit Your Estate Plan?

Options - Spring 2009

Articles include:
  • Both sides of a Buy-and-Hold Strategy
  • In Your Future?
  • Making Distribution Decisions
  • Donating an Art Collection
  • A Family Foundation - Will It Further Your Goals?
  • Investing: Green Is the New Black
  • Survive Taxes with Survivorship Life Insurance